How to Prevent Mould

Mould is caused by condensation and condensation  is caused by warm air passing over cold surfaces. It is unsightly and grows just about anywhere it feels comfortable-in the bathroom, on the walls of your house,around windows, on windows in the bedroom,in the shower cubicle etc. It also grows in places you can’t see like behind cabinets. Apart from this there is also the health aspects of it.

Here are some tips to help you prevent and stop it from spreading.

  1. Bathrooms-Make sure you have enough ventilation in high prone areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. In bathrooms try to open the windows to allow air to freely circulate, open the shower curtain or shower door after a bath or shower. You can also try using a squeegee or sponge  to dry the walls and the cubicle. This will help reduce the amount of moisture in the air
  2. Laundry- If you have a tumble dryer with an outlet pipe then make sure it goes outside the house through an open window or an opening in the wall.
  3. Kitchen- open a window when cooking or washing dishes. If you have an extractor fan then leave this on for a few minutes after cooking
  4. Bedroom- you can prevent mould in areas like the closet by: leaving the light on if you have one in there, wiping down the surfaces with an antibacterial solution (always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using). Don’t store your clothes in plastic storage  boxes. Stack clothes in a way that air can still circulate between them.
  5. Living Room- Move furniture away from the walls, and open doors to connecting rooms to allow air to circulate between rooms.
  6. Outside- Check your guttering for signs of leaks that run down the sides of walls and eventually find a gap in the brickwork and then causing condensation.
  7. Attic- keep the area dry and well ventilated. If you see a black stain on the ceiling then you will have to identify the problem from the attic.

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