How to Fit Wall Tiles

Tools Required;

  1. Trowel
  2. Notched spreader
  3. Sponge
  4. Claw hammer
  5. Scraper
  6. Felt-tip pen
  7. Tile cutter
  8. Tile file
  9. Hacksaw
  10. Tile adhesive
  11. Tiles
  12. Tile spacers
  13. Corner trim


  1. Beginning in the corner formed by two wall battens, scoop up a quantity of adhesive with a trowel and press it on to the wall. Then spread it out with a notched spreader, working away from the vertical batten with the horizontal strokes and holding the blade at an angle of about 45 degrees. The ridges produced will ensure that there is an equal quantity of adhesive behind each tile, making it easier to set them all level. Work on no more than 1 sq m at a time, or the adhesive may begin to harden before all the tiles are in place.

  2. Set the first tile into the corner between the two bettens, pressing its edges against them and the wall. Add the tile above it and the one next to it, spacing them initially by eye and pushing them firmly into the adhesive.
  3. Insert a tile spacer into the angles between the tile positions as necessary. Plastic tile spacers make it easy to obtain uniform joints. Push them in well so that they can be grouted over. (Alternatively, simply insert one leg of the spacer between two tiles and pull it out once the adhesive has set.)

  4. Continue in this way until you have tiled the area of adhesive. Apply more adhesive and tiles until you reach the point where you need to finish off with cut tiles. As you work, wipe off splashes of adhesive with a damp sponge. If you allow it to dry, it will be very difficult to remove.
  5. Take off the vertical batten by prising out its nails. You may find that you need to remove hardened adhesive that has spread from under the tiles. Do this with the edge of a scraper. Continue adding field tiles to the rest of the wall. After that, you can finish off with cut tiles.

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