How to drill into glazed tiles

Drilling through porcelain tiles can be a tricky and sometimes dangerous undertaking. Whether you are trying to drill hole in tile for shower head, towel rail, toilet roll holder, soap dish or anything else, the process is the same.

Tools Needed:


Suitable tile drill bit

Masking tape


  • First stick some masking tape or insulation tape in an x shape,this will stop your drill bit from slipping and wandering all over the place- and then mark the position of the hole.
  • Set your drill to slow speed to start with until the tip of the drillbit scores the surface of the tile and you feel it begin to bite through the top shiny layer. Remember- never use the hammer action to drill tiles.


If you are drilling into tile grout then you don’t need the tape.If you are going to drill through stone tile, travertine tile, or marble tile then you will need to read the tip on how to prevent a drill bit from overheating

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