How to apply Silicone Sealant

How to apply Silicone Sealant-Step by Step

Tools Needed:

Sealant Remover

Masking tape

Sealant cartridge or gun


Sealant Remover


  1. First remove any old and unsightly sealant from around the area. A silicone removal tool is best for this because it will not scratch the delicate porcelain surface of the bath. Scrape any trace of old sealant otherwise the new sealant will not adhere properly  to the surface.
  2. Clean the area with some sealant remover, white vinegar or WD-40 maintenance spray, this breaks down the sealant and make it super easy to remove.
  3. To apply silicone sealant neatly-make sure the area if dry and free from grease. Put some masking tape across the top of the area where you want to seal and the bottom so that the sealant is applied between the two lines of masking tape.
  4. Cut the top of your sealant, screw the nozzle on it and cut the nozzle at a 45 degree angle. Place the sealant in the sealant gun and line the nozzle up with the starting point where you want to begin sealing. Press the gun whilst keeping the nozzle at at angle, gently drag the nozzle to apply the sealant between the tape lines.
  5. Get a sealant smoothing tool and run it along the length of the sealant to give you a neat line or simply wet your finger and do the same. This works every time and is a tried and tested way to apply silicone sealant smoothly.
  6. Let the silicone dry for about 5 minutes and remove the masking tape to reveal clean and neat lines of sealant

Note :

To apply silicone sealant around bath- fill the bath with water before applying sealant to reveal any gaps the same as when someone is standing in the bath . Wait for 24 hours after applying sealant and empty the bath.

To apply silicone sealant to shower tray- put a bit of weight on the shower tray to expose any hidden gaps before sealing

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