Kitchen Makeover Tips

Kitchen Makeover Tips

Kitchen Renovation and Remodelling Tips and Advice

In most homes the kitchen has become the main meeting and socialising place for a lot of families.A lot of conversations take place here over a glass of wine,cup of tea or snacks. These spaces have now become very practical with some households spending more on the kitchen than anywhere else in the house.There are different types of kitchen designs and layout but the principle is the same.
Single line kitchen: this refers to a kitchen layout on one side of the wall-this is common where space is tight you basically have the sink,the units,the cupboards,fridge and dishwasher all lined up in a straight line on one wall.
L shaped kitchen: This is often found in small rooms where the sink is facing the window,the cupboards are to the left and right of the sink with the whole layout shaped like a triangle
Galley kitchen: This basically refers to a narrow style kitchen with the cooker,cupboards and appliances arranged on two facing walls leaving a turning space in between.
There is also the island kitchen but you need a lot of space for this type of kitchen.
1. Simply change the taps for a modern sleek looking feel there are a range of hip and funky looking taps out there.
2. Changing the worktops can transform the entire look of the kitchen like you will not believe-for instance a black granite look worktop will compliment white units
3. Repaint worn or tired looking tiles using a tile paint which is common to get at any DIY store these days.
4. Jazz up the walls by adding stencilling to tiles to transform those old looking tiles.
5. By simply changing the kitchen unit doors and cabinet handles- will transform it to make it look like you have installed a new kitchen
6. Adding some brighter lights like strip lighting under the cabinets or down lighters will create an ambience that is welcoming and fresh to the eyes.

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