How To Install A Washing Machine

Washing machine Installation

You could save yourself money by following these simple steps on  How to connect a washing machine.It may sound daunting at first but once you know how it is very satisfying and rewarding. So without much ado here is how you go about installing your new washer. Note that in the old days you had two water inlet hoses color coded red for hot  blue for cold but nowadays most new washing machines only need a cold fill as the machine itself heats the water for a hot wash.

Tools Needed:

Adjustable pipe wrench

Spirit Level

Bucket or bowl


  1. Remove all packaging from the machine and look for the instructions which are usually kept in the drum, set aside for reference
  2. Remove the transit bolts from the back of the machine (these are usually 4 long bolts that keep the drum from moving around during transit) This is very important otherwise you risk damaging the machine.
  3. Now to complete  the washing machine plumbing installation you simply attach the cold water-inlet hose to the back of the machine and hand tighten
  4. Attach the drain hose to either a connector on the sink waste trap or directly into a standing waste pipe or drain pipe
  5. Turn on the water inlet isolating valve.
  6. Place a spirit level on top of the machine and adjust the feet till it is level then push it back into place
  7. Test for leaks-Plug in the washing machine and do a test wash

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