How To Find a Good Tradesman

TIPS to Help you find and hire a god and reliable tradesman

How to find a good tradesman online

When you feel the time’s right to refurbish your home then you will want to try and locate local tradesmen who can do a good job professionally while keeping cost down by being affordable.

Its OK to tackle some DIY projects but there are limitations to every job or task-and knowing when to call the professionals is one of those times.
Simply put another way-  knowing when to “throw in the towel

The best and most popular way of hiring a professional is to ask for referrals or recommendations from friends, neighbours and colleagues then ask for references so that you can check out their work and the services they provide yourself.
These days there is no shortage of tradesmen and finding a tradesman in your local area is no longer as complicated as it was before. With the advent of trade review and “post your job” websites, it has made the process  easier and more convenient.

You can ask multiple trades for quotes  and choose the one which suits your budget.

Most of these “tradesman search engine”  websites have something in common which help you to locate the right skilled tradesmen very easily. These will include things like-

Their contact details such as addresses, telephone numbers

website name and address with a clickable link to the site or page.

Type of service provided,

Their area of expertise,

Any qualifications or  certification

Areas they operate in

And most importantly a review and feedback section so that new and previous customers can assess the quality of work provided by those tradesmen.


There is a saying that “good builders are usually very busy”.

  1. Selecting one by personal recommendation is usually the best option because you will have seen their work first hand and also get an insight into how they worked and how smoothly the project went or not.
  2. Ask for 2 references a good builder with a good track record will not hesitate to give you references, but on the other hand a builder with a shady or less than honourable reputation will not want you contacting the disgruntled and financially ruined clients left behind.
  3. Check that the  builders have liability insurance in case something goes wrong-the repair bill could be huge so you would want to make sure that “su casa” is protected from a colossal bill  in the event.


An architects job is to advise you on the proposed budget,the projects strengths and weaknesses.

  1. The architect will also be responsible for drawing up the plans,liasing with the builders,and getting estimates from the builders.
  2. Submitting the planning applications for planning permission to the local council.
  3. The architect will also be responsible for the budget for the project.
  4. Request to see some of their previous work and if possible go and see it for yourself
  5. Use a professional body like RIBA(royal institute of british architects) for advice and recommendations.


This is an area where you don’t want to attempt  DIY unless you are very confident of your abilities.

where electricity is concerned there are strict building regulations covering what you can safely do yourself. This is covered by the part P of the building regulations in England and Wales

You can get a copy or get advice and recommendations from their professional body NICEIC.


In the UK you can do most plumbing work yourself but when it comes to gas work- that’s a different kettle of fish and should never be attempted by anyone other than registered Gas Safe engineers. Choosing a plumber involves the same process as choosing a builder-but where it involves gas work then you need to make sure that they are GAS SAFE registered. .

Once you find a good one then it only makes sense to keep their contact details handy to pass onto friends, family or colleagues or  in case you need them in an emergency situation.

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