20 Clever Uses for Lemons

Clever uses for

20 Lemon Life hacks

Clever Uses for Lemons

Ever wondered what to do with surplus lemons? Here is an alternative list of creative and somewhat unexpected uses of these citrus fruits.

1.Clean Copper Pots

Cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt . Rub the lemon onto the pot until it becomes lighter in colour, rinse with hot water, and polish with a soft cloth.

2. Clothes Freshener

Pour about 1 to 1.5 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the washing machine and the clothes will come out smelling sweet

3. Oral Hygiene

For a sore throat or bad breath, Put some lemon juice in a glass of warm water and gargle

4. Upset Stomach

Cut a slice of lemon and suck on it

5. Antibacterial Cleaner

Do you use your chopping board to cut meat,fish,bread? Sprinkle some salt on the board and rub all over with a lemon,wipe and store away

6. Hair Rejuvenation

Wash your hair with shampoo, and then rinse with squeezed lemon juice  and warm water to make it healthy and shiny.

7. Stop Fruit Browning

Sprinkle a little lemon juice over fruit to stop them browning

8. Polish Utensils

Silverware or cutlery looking discolored? Just dip a clean cloth into some lemon juice,rub the utensils clean and rinse with warm water.

9. Air,Fridge Freshener

Squeeze some lemon juice over cotton wool in a dish and leave it in the fridge,bedroom living room,toilet..anywhere and that area will smell fresh

10. Garbage disposal

Cut up some lemon pieces and put them into your garbage disposal to help keep it clean and smelling fresh

11. Ant,Moth Deterrent

Cut the peel of a lemon and place it on doorways,window sills etc. and it will keep ants,moths etc away from that area

12. Remove Paint from Glass

Dried paint can be a problem especially on glass but here is a simple solution-cut a lemon into a pot,bring to the boil,remove,leave to settle for 5 minutes and apply with a soft cloth. Leave until nearly dry, then wipe off

13. Furniture Polish

Mix one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil,apply using a soft cloth and polish dry with another cloth

14. Remove Rust

Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of salt ,use the mixture to scrub the rust of the item

15. Vacuum Cleaner Freshener

Slice a lemon in half and squeeze some of the juice into the dust bag or chamber.As you vacuum the lemon scent will make the house smell fresh.

16. Clothes Whitener

For dirty white clothes like socks,t shirts,underwear etc. Boi them in water with a slice of lemon.

17. Renew China ware

To restore and shine your precious chinaware-Mix one part lemon juice and two parts salt in a bowl. Rub the chinaware with a soft cloth and polish with another cloth to dry the chinaware

18. Chrome Tap Cleaner

To shine taps and other chrome surfaces-Rub surfaces with some lemon peel. Wash with water  and dry with a soft cloth to a shine

19. Natural Freshener

You can make your own natural air purifier- Slice some lemons into a pot , cover with water, and let simmer on the stove for about an hour and the smell of lemons will travel across the house

20. Renew Hard Paint Brushes

Before you throw away your hard paint brushes you thought were gone forever try this useful and simple tip-Squeeze some lemon juice in a small pot,put brush in the pot and boil on the stove. Lower the heat and leave the brush in for 15 minutes, then wash it in soapy water.

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