20 Amazing Uses for Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil. It’s  a versatile item no kitchen should be without. Did you know you can bake with it ,soften, decorate, warm, polish, scrub, clean, protect, sharpen… and those are just a few. Read on to be amazed


20 Aluminium Foil  Life Hacks

1.Crispy pie crust

Cover the edges of your pie with some aluminium foil folded over the edge of the  pie to keep the crust from over browning and burning

2. Soften Brown Sugar

soften hardened brown sugar in the oven! By wrapping it in  aluminium foil and then bake it in the oven at 300°F (150° C) for five minutes

3. Make Cake Pan Shapes

Make a cake for any occasion in the shape you want by placing some heavy-duty aluminium foil inside a large cake pan and making it into the desired shape then fill it with your cake mixture

4. Keep food Warm

Wrap warm food like pizzas and fresh baked bread in a layer of aluminium foil and it will reflect the heat and keep it warm for longer

5. Scrub Pots

A simple solution to cleaning your pots if there is nothing to wash them with- Crumple up some  aluminium foil and use it to scrub your pots.
Bacofoil Original Kitchen Foil 300mm x 10m

6. Keep Oven Clean

Place some aluminum foil on the shelf below whatever you are cooking to catch any spills and mess it may make.When you finish just throw the foil away and your oven still looks clean.NB: Do not place foil on the very bottom shell of a gas oven-it may burn

7. Reduce Radiator Heat Loss

To keep heat from escaping down the back of your radiators…Cut a piece of cardboard to fit behind the radiator.then fold some aluminium over the cardboard and place behind the radiator.This will deflect heat back into the room instead of it being lost behind the radiator

8. Sharpen Scissors

A simple and quick way of sharpening your dull scissors. Tear up some strips of aluminum foil and cut them up with the scissors.Th friction of the cutting edge against the foil will sharpen the scissor blades

9. Soapdish Protector

To protect your soap dish from getting clogged up with melted soap remnants, just fold a layer of aluminum foil and place it on the bottom of your soap dish . It will protect your soap from melting slowly and keep your soapdish ness free

10. Move Heavy Furniture

A solution to moving heavy furniture around easily is to fold up some aluminum foil and place it with the dull side (not the shiny side) showing on the bottom of the furniture legs .This will allow you to slide your furniture more easily on solid floors and wood floors
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11. Fix Loose Batteries

Sometimes batteries in torchlights,kids toys,etc..can come loose because of the spring holding them.A simple trick to solve this problem is-Fold a piece of aluminum foil thick enough to fit the slack. Place the foil between the battery and the spring and it will hold it

12. Speed Up Your Ironing

To prevent heat loss when ironing and to cut down on ironing time-Place a layer of aluminium foil under the ironing board cover to speed up the process. The foil reflects the heat back into the clothes and cuts you ironing time in half

13. Clean Your Iron

If your iron is sluggish and dirty underneath then here is a simple cleaning solution-Run the hot iron over a piece of aluminum foil.try it  with some salt on top for more effectiveness .

14. Deter Slugs and Bugs

To keep insects away from your vegetable patch just mix  strips of aluminum foil in with your garden mulch.This will deter pests from your prized vegetable patch

15. Make Sunbox for Plants

You can provide plant with natural light from all angles to aid good growth by creating a sunbox. Line 3 sides of a cardboard box (Bottom,Back and on right side or left side) (Cut away top and one side ) with aluminium foil, with shiny side facing out,then place near a window
Aluminium Foil BacoFoil Everyday Kitchen Foil 20 Metres x 30cm in Cutterbox

16. Clean Barbecue Grill

To easily clean your barbecue grill racks  and insides simply crumple up some aluminum foil and use it to scrub off the burned food and stuck on marinades easily and effortlessly

17. Make Barbecue Drip Pan

To reduce the clean up time after a barbecue Put a few layers of aluminum foil over the surface you want to keep clean and just throw away after you finish

18. Polish Chrome

You can use crumpled up aluminium foil and water  to remove spots and tarnishes of your chrome taps ,exhaust pipes etc..Use the foil to scrub the unsightly brown spots away

19. Keep Matches Dry

Wrap your matches in aluminium foil to keep moisture out and your matches dry

20. Keep Paintbrushes Moist

To preserve your expensive paint brush after you wash it wrap it in aluminum foil and wrap an elastic band around the bristles to keep the shape.To keep it moist between uses simple wrap some foil around the bristles

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