10 Unusual Uses for Rice

Unusual uses for

10 Rice Life hacks

Unusual Uses for Rice

Uncooked rice in your cupboards can come in very handy-some of these ideas are so unusual that you will be amazed at the weird and surprising alternative uses as listed here.

1.Dry Out Electronics

If you happen to drop your phone in water try this.Remove sim card and battery then place phone in a zip bag full of rice and leave for 24 hours. The rice will absorb the water and dry it out

2. Stop Tools Rusting

Place your hand tools like screwdrivers,spanners,hammers etc in a small container full of rice to stop them from rusting

3. Test Oil Temperature

You can test the temperature of oil before frying  food in it  by throwing in a grain of rice. If it floats to the top and bubbles, the oil it ready to use. If it sinks then it’s not hot enough

4. Sharpen Blender Blades

To sharpen your blender blades,throw in some dry white rice and switch on blender for about 2 minutes and it will help to maintain and  restore your blender blades

5. Heating Pad

You can make your own heating pad for those aches and pains by filling a sock with rice.Pop in it the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute and place on the affected area

6.Clean Vases

You can clean hard to reach areas in your flower vase and teapot by adding some grains of rice into the item,a bit of soap and warm water and swish it around for about 5 minutes and rinse

7. Air Freshener

Put some rice in an open container then add a few drops of essential scented oils and place in a cupboard or small space.Shake container from time to time to release the scent

8. Pet Toy

Fill a small plastic bottle with rice, or make a small strong cloth bag and fill it with rice.Cats love it

9. Ripen Fruit Quickly

Want to ripen your fruit faster? Place fruit in a container of rice to speed up the ripening time. Make sure to check on it twice a day so it doesn’t overripe

10. Separate Salt

Store a few grains of rice in your salt shaker to prevent the salt from clumping.

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